Rosie O'Donnell's Heart Attack: Know Your Symptoms

by - September 08, 2017

Aug. 21, 2012 -- talk show host Rosie O'Donnell, 50, cautioned women via her internet web page on Monday to analyze the signs and symptoms of heart attack and heed them after revealing she disregarded her own and now feels ''fortunate to be here."

O'Donnell suffered what she known as a "widow maker" heart assault per week in the past, she informed fanatics. She googled ''ladies's coronary heart assault signs and symptoms'' and, despite the fact that the list matched hers, really took an aspirin.

the next day, a cardiologist diagnosed a heart assault. docs removed a huge blockage from her coronary artery before placing a stent to keep it open.

Her story is a well timed reminder that girls's coronary heart attack symptoms are often exceptional than a person's, and that women frequently wait too long to get emergency assist, says Chrisandra Shufelt, MD, associate director of the Barbra Streisand ladies's heart center, Cedars-Sinai medical center coronary heart Institute, l.  a..

even though chest ache may be a symptom of a coronary heart assault for a woman, regularly the symptoms may be greater subtle. In O'Donnell's case, she did whinge of pain in both arms, which is a standard symptom. however in step with the yank coronary heart affiliation, ladies might also experience what are called “odd" signs, inclusive of:

back, jaw, decrease chest, or top belly pain or soreness
Shortness of breath
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higher drug charges from the name you may believe.

Shufelt, who did now not treat O'Donnell, spoke back questions about ladies and coronary heart sickness and defined traditional remedies for ladies that suffer coronary heart attacks.

coronary heart ailment is the main cause of death for U.S. ladies.

Rosie says on her website that ''it's a miracle'' she is still here. Do you agree?

I would not call it a miracle. She without a doubt took the right steps to keep her lifestyles, inclusive of the aspirin. ideally she must have known as 911 whilst she googled that records.

that is the information we want to get out -- that it's good enough to name 911. it's vital. Even if you are wrong. That delay can cause extra damage.

What did the heart specialist likely do while Rosie arrived?

The heart specialist checked her blood strain, her pulse, accomplished a bodily, listened to her heart, and achieved an EKG. That tells us loads of statistics -- how the coronary heart is functioning and if a heart attack is going on. He could have diagnosed the heart attack.

They completed an angioplasty [at the hospital] to see if there was any blockage. after you detect a blockage, it's probably the source of her heart assault. [After clearing the blockage] they open it up with a stent.

Is it probably she had been ignoring signs for some time?

A large percent of girls have a set of signs as much as a month earlier than. a few girls have cold flushes or escape in a sweat, a clammy sweat. Shortness of breath is a not unusual symptom. a few ladies have stabbing pain in their again. So it's critical to pay attention.

The classic Hollywood coronary heart assault -- the elephant sitting on your chest, clutching your chest, chest pain -- can appear in a woman, however other signs can arise in girls more often, together with shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, overwhelming fatigue, or pain inside the returned or jaw.

Is it commonplace for ladies to brush aside symptoms like Rosie says she did?

i've heard this generally from girls, that they wait, or they had been too busy with the circle of relatives or the kids. They ignore their signs and symptoms or did not think a lot of it. They did not think it is able to be a heart attack. I do not assume it's unusual.

I had one woman who took an hour-lengthy bathtub [after symptoms set in].

What aspect or elements likely caused Rosie's coronary heart attack?

with out knowing her records, it's far difficult to say which one issue or aggregate of things. 5 conventional risk factors all play approximately an equal role -- high blood strain, excessive cholesterol, high blood sugar or diabetes, smoking, and family history of early heart disease, less than fifty five for a man or less than 65 for a girl.

What about excess weight and stress?

excess weight can make a contribution to heart danger elements which includes blood strain and diabetes, whilst strain can lead to expanded chemical substances and hormones within the blood stream, which improve blood strain and coronary heart fee.

dealing with pressure and keeping a healthful frame weight thru eating regimen and exercise are essential at every age.

To prevent heart ailment, women ought to exercising 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of slight depth or 75 mins (1 hour and 15 minutes) of full of life intensity a week.

What have to ladies in Rosie's age range be doing approximately their coronary heart health?

For ladies getting into their 50s, this is an vital caution to have their heart risk elements evaluated. it is now not simplest the average age of menopause, which of itself can be an essential risk element for heart disease.

it's critical to have a complete evaluation. understand your blood stress, blood sugar, ldl cholesterol, weight, and be more privy to it.

what's Rosie's treatment plan probably to be, and what's the outlook for her?

it's miles important for her to take her medicinal drugs. She would possibly be put on an aspirin. She can be placed on a 2nd blood thinner. she will most in all likelihood be put on a statin, now not just for ldl cholesterol, but for infection.

We now want her ldl cholesterol to be extremely low. Statins play a pivotal role in reducing inflammation.

she can likely be put on a beta blocker or ACE inhibitor -- they help heal the heart after a heart assault.

Cardiac rehabilitation is usually recommended for each males and females after a latest heart procedure inclusive of a stent. that is a monitored workout software to help reduce cardiac risk factors and is usually recommended for 3 instances a week for three months. this system also includes nutritional counseling, pressure control, and rest periods.

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