Rosie O'Donnell's Heart Attack: Know Your Symptoms

by - March 05, 2019

Aug. 21, 2012 -- talk show host Rosie O'Donnell, 50, recommended ladies thru her internet internet page on Monday to analyze the symptoms and symptoms of coronary heart assault and heed them after revealing she ignored her personal and now feels ''fortunate to be here."

O'Donnell suffered what she known as a "widow maker" heart attack in line with week within the past, she knowledgeable lovers. She googled ''ladies's coronary coronary heart attack signs and symptoms and symptoms'' and, in spite of the truth that the listing matched hers, genuinely took an aspirin.

Tomorrow, a heart specialist diagnosed a heart attack. Medical doctors eliminated a big blockage from her coronary artery earlier than setting a stent to maintain it open.

Her tale is a nicely timed reminder that women's coronary coronary heart assault signs and symptoms are often super than someone's, and that women frequently wait too lengthy to get emergency help, says Christian Shuffle, MD, companion director of the Barbra Streisand women's coronary heart middle, Cedars-Sinai scientific middle coronary coronary heart Institute, l.  A..

Even though chest pain can be a symptom of a coronary heart attack for a girl, frequently the signs may be extra subtle. In O'Donnell's case, she did complain of ache in both palms, that's a well known symptom. However consistent with the american coronary heart affiliation, women may additionally revel in what are known as “odd" signs, which include:

returned, jaw, lower chest, or pinnacle belly ache or pain



Shortness of breath




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higher drug costs from the name you can believe.

Shuffle, who did no longer treat O'Donnell, responded questions about women and coronary heart illness and defined traditional remedies for women that suffer coronary coronary heart assaults.

Coronary heart ailment is the main motive of demise for U.S. Ladies.

Rosie says on her website that ''it's a miracle'' she remains right here. Do you compromise?

I could not call it a miracle. She without a doubt took the right steps to hold her existence, together with the aspirin. Preferably she must have known as 911 while she googled that statistics.

This is the facts we want to get out -- that it is suitable sufficient to name 911. It is critical. Even in case you are incorrect. That postpone can cause greater damage.

What did the heart specialist probably do while Rosie arrived?

The cardiologist checked her blood stress, her pulse, done a bodily, listened to her heart, and finished an EKG. That tells us hundreds of records -- how the coronary heart is functioning and if a coronary heart attack goes on. He ought to have recognized the coronary heart attack.

They finished an angioplasty [at the hospital] to peer if there was any blockage. After you come across a blockage, it is probably the source of her coronary heart assault. [After clearing the blockage] they open it up with a stent.

Is it possibly she had been ignoring symptoms for a while?

A massive percent of girls have a hard and fast of signs as a great deal as a month in advance than. A few women have bloodless flushes or get away in a sweat, a clammy sweat. Shortness of breath is a not unusual symptom. A few girls have stabbing ache in their again. So it is crucial to pay interest.

The conventional Hollywood coronary coronary heart attack -- the elephant sitting to your chest, clutching your chest, chest ache -- can seem in a female, however different signs and symptoms can arise in women more frequently, together with shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, overwhelming fatigue, or ache in the again or jaw.

Is it common for ladies to push aside signs like Rosie says she did?

I've heard this usually from women, that they wait, or they have been too busy with the circle of relatives or the children. They forget about their signs and symptoms and signs or did now not assume quite a few it. They did no longer assume it is able to be a heart attack. I do no longer expect it's unusual.

I had one female who took an hour-lengthy tub [after symptoms set in].

What issue or factors likely brought about Rosie's coronary heart assault?

Without understanding her facts, it's miles difficult to say which one trouble or mixture of factors. 5 traditional hazard elements all play about an same position -- high blood strain, immoderate cholesterol, high blood sugar or diabetes, smoking, and family records of early coronary heart disorder, much less than fifty 5 for a person or less than 65 for a girl.

What approximately excess weight and stress?

Excess weight can contribute to coronary heart threat factors which includes blood strain and diabetes, at the same time as pressure can lead to increased chemical materials and hormones inside the blood circulate, which enhance blood strain and coronary heart rate.

Handling pressure and retaining a healthy body weight via weight loss plan and exercising are vital at each age.

To save you coronary heart ailment, girls ought to exercise a hundred and fifty minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of mild intensity or 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 mins) of full of life intensity every week.

What have to ladies in Rosie's age range be doing approximately their coronary coronary heart fitness?

For women getting into their 50s, this is an critical caution to have their heart chance factors evaluated. It's far no longer handiest the common age of menopause, which of itself can be an critical chance detail for heart disorder.

It's critical to have a whole assessment. Recognize your blood stress, blood sugar, ldl cholesterol, weight, and be extra aware of it.

What is Rosie's remedy plan in all likelihood to be, and what's the outlook for her?

It is critical for her to take her medicinal drugs. She would probably be placed on an aspirin. She may be positioned on a 2nd blood thinner. She can most probable be placed on a stain, now not only for ldl cholesterol, however for contamination.

We now need her ldl cholesterol to be extremely low. Stains play a pivotal position in reducing inflammation.

She will be able to possibly be placed on a beta blocker or ACE inhibitor -- they assist heal the heart after a coronary heart attack.

Cardiac rehabilitation is normally advocated for every males and females after a brand new coronary heart process together with a stent. That may be a monitored workout software to assist lessen cardiac chance elements and is generally recommended for three instances per week for three months. This device also consists of dietary counseling, pressure manipulate, and relaxation periods.

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